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        Crime. People don't want it to touch their lives, yet still they are fascinated by it. Why??? Why is it that all the primetime shows on television are crime related, and usually number one in the ratings? When there is trouble on your street, do you not along with your neighbors go outside to see what happened? It is just like the car accident on the freeway that backs traffic up for miles, the curiosity of what happened gets the better of all of us. Does this say something about what type of society we live in today or has it always been this way, just more prominent now?

         Have we gotten so bored with our own day to day lives that we somehow we feel this is a way to fill the void? Don't get me wrong, I am just as fascinated as the next person or We wouldn't have a web page devoted entirely to crime....We have gone to tour the old Ohio State Reformatory located in Mansfield, Ohio (click here for our OSR site) and found it to be a truly incredible sight. Maybe it's the fact that We knew We could leave anytime We wanted as opposed to the inmates that were incarcerated there at one point. We highly recommend visiting  this landmark for yourself. It is well worth the trip. One of my dreams, which, We have plenty of is to visit one of the most visited prisons to date, Alcatraz.

    Whether dramatized in books, television shows, or movies crime, criminals, law enforcement, judges, lawyers and the whole legal system are what fascinates the general population (no pun intended). Be it idle gossip, the front page of the your local paper, or this web site itself people are and always will be in my opinion drawn to this subject.


     If you count the number of books written, TV shows made and movies directed about crime, the numbers would be huge. Sometimes it's the other way around, as in the Sheppard murder in Cleveland and "The Fugitive" (there is some dispute about this connection), Eliot Ness and "The Untouchables" as well as "Road to Perdition" and so on. Sometimes, crime inspires people, sometimes people inspire crimes. Criminals become heroes, heroes become criminals. This has all happened in Cleveland, Ohio.


When Gandhi was asked what he thought of western civilization he replied " I think it would be a great idea"


Main Sections

      Cleveland Crime Chronology- This is a Cleveland Crime Timeline. The information contained within this study is drawn from many sources and will be noted as we move along. This project started from the lack of this information contained in one place. In addition to crime, the information here is considered pertinent to events that occurred during the times cited.

Prisons - Famous and infamous prisons



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